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In 2008, Arelia graduated with her BA in Psychology and later with a MA in Sociology from Texas Southern University. After graduation, she entered public education and has been in a classroom for the last 8 years.  Her teaching experience, combined with her education, gave her a very unique outlook in her writing. Arelia was first published, as a poet, in the eighth grade, has been awarded several poetry titles while on the Texas Southern University Debate Team. She was titled the Houston Grand Slam Champion 2006 and she published Thick in 2013. As a scholar, Arelia has been able to present her academic work at conferences, given lectures on African American female sexuality (the social construction of beauty, gender, race, and class), as well as facilitated workshops presented by The Owned Project. Outside of her mesmerizing green eyes and southern charm, Arelia Johnson is able to create stories that captivate the human imagination and capture the human experience. For more information about the work Arelia engages in through The Owned Project, please visit: