educatorHer passion grows from her fury; her fury  results from a system that deprives the many and services the few. Arelia, or Ms. Johnson to her students, leaves no content covered stone unturned during class. She models her expectations, raises the bar as her students progress, and fuses history, English, and pop culture with philosophical and critical thinking.

In 2008, Ms. Johnson started her journey as an educator at Jack Yates High School. She has been able to empower and impact students across Houston ISD and Dallas. One of her greatest feats happened in 2015 when her senior level English students beat both campus and district expectations on their district assessments. Ms. Johnson teaches hard but loves her students beyond themselves.

Now, Arelia has taken her classroom experience and expanded it past the scope of a traditional classroom setting. Through The Owned Project: workshops, lectures, and talks are presented to women, children, and families in hopes of building brighter and stronger communities. Throughout the 2015-2016 academic year, Ms. Johnson has held educational meetings (EDUCATION: PROGRESSION in the 21ST CENTURY) as a resource for struggling learners and their families and presented at the We Are Girls Conference. For more information about educational events, writing workshops, and parent socials, please visit: